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Форум » Школьная театральная педагогика » Итоги конференции » Поддержка конференции (ПИСЬМА И ДОКУМЕНТЫ)
Поддержка конференции
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In the fall of 1894 he was elected sheriff, the first Republican candidate being chosen for that office since the election of Colonel Shoup at the close of the war. He carried this Democratic county by a majority of eleven hundred and seventy three, a fact which indicates his personal popularity and the confidence reposed in him. After four years in that office, during which time he was a resident of Springfield and made a splendid record as a public official, he retuned to Pawnee, where he has been identified with different business enterprises, the most of which have proved profitable.

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We are heartened by the growing political backing from both sides of the aisle. Republican Sens. Of Ohio and of Illinois have announced their support and dozens of prominent Republicans signed an amicus brief with the Supreme Court backing the freedom to marry.

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